Parallel Session 1

Monday, 19.6.2006, 15h05 - 16h25

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Session A.1
The Greening of Air Transport:
Investigation of Climate Effects

Chairperson: Roger Gardner, Department of Transport, UK

Session B.1
Improving Cost Efficiency:
Integrated Design & Validation

Chairperson: Philippe Homsi, Airbus-SAS

Session C.1
Ensuring Customer Satisfaction, Safety and Security:
Cabin Environment

Chairperson: David Zammit Mangion, University of Malta

Session D.1
Increasing Time Efficiency:
Air Traffic Management

Chairperson: Luigi Iodice, SELEX

Session E.1
Pioneering the Air Transport of the Future:
New Aircraft Concepts

Chairperson: Zdobyslav Goraj, Warsaw Univ. of Technology

Session F.1
European Research Area:
European strategy


Chairperson: Elisabeth Huchler, Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, BMVIT

Session G.1
Round Table Session:
Aerospace Clusters Contributing to the
Aeronautics Supply Chain

Chairperson: Thilo Schönfeld, CNRT-AE


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