Parallel Session 2

Monday, 19.6.2006, 16h55 - 18h15

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Session A.2
The Greening of Air Transport:
Aero-engine Combustor Technologies

Chairperson: Valérie Guénon, SAFRAN

Session B.2
Improving Cost Efficiency:
Improving aircraft Performance

Chairperson: Zdobyslaw Goraj, Warsaw Univ. of Tech.

Session C.2
Ensuring Customer Satisfaction and Safety:
External Hazard and Accident Survivability

Chairperson: Thereza Macnamara, BAE Systems

Session D.2
Increasing Time Efficiency:
Airports and ATM

Chairperson: Christian Pusch, Eurocontrol

Session E.2
Pioneering the Air Transport of the Future:
Breakthrough Technologies

Chairperson: Bruno Stoufflet, Dassault Aviation

Session F.2
National Aeronautics RTD

Chairperson: Wolf Günther, BMWi

Session G.2
European Research Area:
Future Air Transport – User aspects

Chairperson: Johann Zemsky, COO / Austro Control

  • Designing the Aircraft of Tomorrow
    Karl Echtermeyer, Deutsche Lufthansa AG
  • Sustainability of Airport Development
    Herbert Kaufmann, Vienna International Airport
  • Commercial Aircraft Developments in Israel Aircraft Industry
    Arnold Nathan, Israel Aircraft Industry

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