Parallel Session 3

Tuesday, 20.6.2006, 09h35 - 10h55

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Session A.3
The Greening of Air Transport:
External Noise Reduction

Chairperson: Dominique Collin, SNECMA

Session B.3
Improving Cost Efficiency:
Composite Structures

Chairperson: Spiros Pantelakis, University of Patras

Session C.3
Ensuring Customer Satisfaction and Safety:
Wake Vortex Investigations

Chairperson: Volker Heil, DFS

Session D.3
Increasing Time Efficiency:
Point to Point Air Transport

Chairperson: Guiseppe Pagnano, AGUSTA

  • Active Control Technologies for Tilt rotor, major step towards Civil Tilt-Rotor transport (ACT-TILT)
    Philippe Rollet, Eurocopter France
  • Design Advance rotor for Tilt Rotor, Major step towards Civil Tilt-Rotor Transport (DART)
    Christophe Serr, Eurocopter
  • Tilt-rotor Interactional Aerodynamics (TILTAERO)
    Antonio Saporiti, Agusta
  • Validation of Tilt Rotor technology (NICE-TRIP)
    Antonio Saporiti, Agusta
Session E.3
Pioneering the Air Transport of the Future:
Towards a Fully Automatic ATS

Chairperson: Vu Duong, EUROCONTROL

Session F.3
Integrated Research Infrastructures

Chairperson: Erich Gornik, Austrian Research Centers

Session G.3
Aeronautics RTD in Commonwealth of Independent States

Chairperson: Sergey Chernyshev, TsAGI

Session H.3
The "SESAR" Forum:
The Joint European Concept in Air Traffic Management

Chairperson: Ben Van Houtte, EC DG TREN

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