Parallel Session 4

Tuesday, 20.6.2006, 11h25 - 12h50

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Session A.4
The Greening of Air Transport:
Propulsion Systems and Emission Reduction

Chairperson: Franz Heitmeir, TU Graz

Session B.4
Improving Cost Efficiency:
Technology for Metallic Structures

Chairperson: Heinz Voggenreiter, DLR

Session C.4
Ensuring Customer Satisfaction, Safety and Security:
Maintenance Methods

Chairperson: Ernst Semerad, Austrian Research Centers

Session D.4
Increasing Time Efficiency:
Technologies for Future ATS

Chairperson: Jan van Doorn, EUROCONTROL

Session E.4
Improving Cost Efficiency:
Rotorcraft of the Future

Chairperson: Yves Favennec, Eurocopter

Session F.4
University Networks & Students Research

Chairperson: Dieter Schmitt, Airbus S.A.S.

Session G.4
General Aviation RTD highlights - Europe on the move

Chairperson: Milan Holl, VZLU

*) invited

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