Parallel Session 5

Tuesday, 20.6.2006, 15h25 - 16h45

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Session A.5
The Greening of Air Transport:
Flight Physics and Flow Control

Chairperson: Catalin Nae, INCAS

Session B.5
Improving Cost Efficiency:
High Temperature Materials for Aero-engines

Chairperson: Xinhua Wu, Univ.Birmingham

Session C.5
Ensuring Customer Satisfaction, Safety and Security:
Safety Analysis and Human Factors

Chairperson: Holger Friehmelt, DLR

Session D.5
Improving Cost Efficiency:
Advanced Onboard Systems


Chairperson: Dan Slasky, ELOP

Session E.5
Improving Cost Efficiency:
Future Aircraft Structures

Chairperson: David Phipps, Airbus SAS.

Session F.5
National Aero RTD Highlights of the new Member States

Chairperson: Jim Lawler, Enterprise Ireland

Session G.5
Aero RTD in the Americas

Chairperson: Ralf Rudnik, DLR

Session H.5
The "Clean Sky" Forum 1:
The Joint Technology Initiative in Aeronautics

Chairperson: Jean-Pierre Barthélémy, ASD-Europe

  • General Overview of JTI Structure
    Dominique Ollinger, Airbus SAS
  • JTI: The Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft Platform
    Robert Hinsinger, Airbus SAS
  • CLEAN SKY—The Aero Engine contribution
    Nick Peacock, Rolls-Royce
  • Green Regional Aircraft Platform
    Carmelo Latella, Alenia Aeronautica

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