Parallel Session 6

Tuesday, 20.6.2006, 17h15 - 18h35

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Session A.6
The Greening of Air Transport:
Engine Emission technology

Chairperson: Kyriakos Papailiou, National Technical University of Athens

Session B.6
Improving Cost Efficiency:
Manufacturing Simulation

Chairperson: Michel Delanaye, CENAERO

Session C.6
Ensuring Customer Satisfaction, Safety and Security:
Structural Health Monitoring

Chairperson: Christian Boller, Sheffield University

Session D.6
The Greening of Air Transport:
Drag Reduction Technologies

Chairperson: Rolf Henke, RWTH Aachen

Session E.6
Improving Cost Efficiency:
Onboard Systems

Chairperson: Pierre Froment, Airbus S.A.S.

Session F.6
National Aeronautics RTD Highlights

Chairperson: Adriaan de Graaff, NL

Session G.6
Aeronautics in Central and Eastern Asia

Chairperson: Jacques Périaux, CIMNE

Session H.6
The "Clean Sky" Forum 2:
The Joint Technology Initiative in Aeronautics

Chairperson: Georg Rayczyk, Liebherr Aerospace

  • Green Rotorcraft Platform of the Clean Sky JTI
    Giuseppe Pagnano, Agusta & Yves Favennec, Eurocopter
  • JTI - Systems for Green Operation
    Joseph Huysseune, Thales Avionics & Lester Faleiro, Liebherr
  • The Joint Technology Intitiative in Aeronautics Eco-Design Platform
    Bruno Stoufflet, Dassault Aviation
  • Closing Remarks
    Liam Breslin, Head of Aeronautics Unit, European

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