Parallel Session 7

Wednesday, 21.6.2006, 09h35 - 10h55

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Session A.7
The Greening of Air Transport:
Improving Aero-engine Efficiency

Chairperson: Stephan Servaty, MTU

Session B.7
Improving Cost Efficiency:
Onboard Electronic and Avionic

Chairperson: Pascale Olivaux, Thales Avionics

Session C.7
Ensuring Customer Satisfaction, Safety and Security:

Chairperson: Michel Langer, Diehl

Session D.7
Improving Cost Efficiency:
Manufacturing Processes

Chairperson: André Bertin, SONACA

Session E.7
Improving Cost Efficiency:
Numerical Flow and Noise Simulation

Chairperson: Michael Leschziner, Imperial College

Session F.7
National Aeronautics RTD Highlights

Chairperson: Jürgen Wild, ex Director AGARD / RTO

Session G.7
F.P.7 - New opportunities for research

Chairperson: Liam Breslin, EC-DG RTD

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